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A Few Words from Dale… March 13, 2014

Please meet the latest addition to our church staff. Tim Wilson began serving as new Sexton last Thursday. Tim rose to the top of the pack of three very eligible job candidates whom we interviewed in recent weeks. It is a pleasure to have him aboard.

Tim has been self-employed as a carpenter and contractor here in Fairfield County for the last 25 years. Over those years he has worked around a number of maintenance functions including electrical, plumbing as well as heating and cooling systems. He knows and has worked with area contractors, part of his job portfolio as our new sexton. Tim has a sturdy work ethic and he knows our building can require attention at all hours.

Moreover, Tim has worked with mentally disabled adults, teaching them how to do cleaning projects as he mastered those skills for himself. Tim will be with us from 8:30 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday. (You will continue to see Ulises Sunday mornings.)

If you are getting the feeling that Tim himself is part of his own faith community, that is in fact true: the Unitarian church in Westport. Having his own spiritual home has given him a sensitivity to the one gathering us together here at First Congregational, Darien.

When I asked Tim for a few words to share with you, he said, “It feels good to be home.” What he means by that is how much he values community, most especially a spiritual community. We talked with Tim about belonging to a staff as being part of a team. We depend on each other and we look out for one another. “That is not in my contract,” isn’t our first impulse as a need presents itself. We array and deploy ourselves to resolve the issue. Tim is eager to be part of our community and to do his part in his important work on our staff team. His interviewers all agreed what a good fit he is to our church culture.

We don’t know yet if he is a Red Sox or Yankees fan, whether he pulls for the Giants, the Jets, or the Patriots. There is still a lot to learn as we come together. And my point here is please help him feel welcome. Everyone on our staff does vital work because without all of us doing our job the work we all do individually becomes quite impossible.

Of course, a learning curve exists in a new job. We are in an orientation phase with Tim. Also, know that we are creating a box—similar to our prayer request box–where we can drop notes naming needs for our big rambling building–whether maintenance or cleaning. Let’s give Tim all the encouragement and information he needs to do his best job.

Welcome, Tim Wilson!

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