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A community of faith since 1737

This Sunday is Church School Sunday. Pulling this together has been a challenge for our Kate Nelson. But it promises to be special as our children interpret Jesus walking on water, the ascension, and doubting Thomas. Our attraction to this Read More

May 29, 2014

As the summertime comes, we get outdoors to work out more. And don’t we love the feeling of moving and exerting ourselves? Nothing could be more natural, or more important as we idly while away entire lifetimes sitting in front Read More

May 22, 2014

WHY LEAD? Last Sunday at our Annual Meeting we called a fresh, hopeful, gifted group of lay leaders to guide us into a new year. Servant leadership in the church differs from leading in other places.   Adam Copeland, faculty at Read More

Let me build a bridge from last Sunday to this Sunday. Last week we spoke of essential practices (prayer, regular giving, Bible study, outreach, etc.) as Christians, and how they are at the heart of our faith. Figuring out what Read More

Last night our church hosted the Annual Meeting of the Fairfield West Association of the Connecticut Conference, United Church of Christ. That meant a few dozen clergy and delegates from churches like Westport, Greenwich, and Ridgefield attended to reflect on Read More

  The Annual Meeting Part II, 11th Hour Sunday May 18 The purpose of this congregational meeting is to: Receive the 2014 nominating reports Receive committee program reports Address any other business or concern relating to the life of our Read More

What with Easter and Confirmation Sunday, we’ve had a couple weeks when worship has been eventful, impassioned, and personally engaging. Anyone care to make it three? On Sunday I preach sharing some ideas of my new book, Sex and the Read More

A Few Words from Dale…
April 17, 2014

A part of me always itches to inquire, “So what did you think of my Easter sermon?” I mean, I work hard on it. I care deeply about it, the central message of our faith, at the highest holy day. Read More

April 11, 2014

A Few Words From Dale… Every year I am asked the question. And every year I must relearn the answer because the answer is so implausible, it never sticks. “Tell me again,” someone asks, “why is it called Good Friday Read More

Lent is about understanding sacrifice in general and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross in particular. As though this weren’t hard enough, more and more we live in a sacrifice-aversive culture, where many people hold that nothing is worth sacrificing our Read More