A Few Words From Dale, October 17th…
Our annual invitation to support the ministries of First Congregational, Darien is around the corner. Langdon van Ingen and the Pledge Committee will lead the initiative in the next weeks. I want to seed their worthy leadership with brief points
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A few words from Dale… October 10th 2013
Autumn in New England is amazing. The air grows crisp and cool. The blue sky deepens into cobalt. The sunlight blinds us, with the lengthening shadows of the sun’s sinking arc. The trees colorfully peak before bowing to winter’s encroaching
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A Few Words From Dale, October 3rd
I wish you could have been a fly on the wall at our staff meeting last Tuesday. I noticed energy and eagerness from all parties to advance the cause of worshiping and serving God here at 1st Congregational. We have
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A few words from Dale… September 26
You will notice that I like to quote from comedians as I write and preach. I believe that I did so twice last Sunday. I like how stand-up comics skirt the edge of tragic and comic. Frankly, we Christians would
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News From Dale — September 19, 2013
We have been here before. Increasingly, muted shock is our reaction as the news of someone going on a murderous rampage marks our days, this time at the Navy Yard in Washington. Even the assailant’s profile is familiar as details emerge: a
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