2016 has been a time of significant growth for our ministries, membership, and mission. Our momentum has been formidable! In April, we learned that our beloved meetinghouse roof required essential renovation and remediation, yet we did not falter. Worship services have continued both in Parish Hall and out on the lawn and event attendance alongside programing has significantly increased.

I want to begin by saying thank you! Thank you for your resilience. Thank you for your financial support of our ministries. Our church is stronger now than ever. As we look toward 2017, we see abundant opportunities to further expand and deepen our ministries and need to be mindful of the importance of every member’s participation in our annual pledge.

Your generosity has contributed to the longstanding success of our community of faith and its ongoing effort to be a faithful witness for Jesus Christ. Many of our prayers during 2016 have been answered;

  • Gary Morello was installed as our Associate Minister
  • The Evans Center now provides a residence, community meeting room and dedicated youth center, recently named “The Dream Center”
  • Our contemporary, Come-As-You-Are service is established as a worship opportunity of choice for many within and new to our community
  • Attendance at youth group activities continues to amaze everyone – numbers surpass anything we’ve seen in years
  • Thought provoking 11th hour discussions have provided a platform for meaningful conversation around complex and controversial issues
  • We deployed three mission trips to spread our ministry within and outside the US
  • And so much more…

This wonderful growth and momentum does not mean we need you less, it means we need you more! We need your talents, we need your time and we need your continued, and if possible, increased financial support. Let’s continue to grow in faith together. To do this, we are asking you to consider a 15% increase in your pledge.

The financial responsibility of FCCD lays on all of our shoulders. Thank you for sharing the weight, and for your prayerful consideration and generous response to this once a year request.

With sincere gratitude,

Caroline Burke

Our doors are open to all regardless of where you are on your faith journey. So, step inside and experience the unconditional nature of God’s love and grace. You belong here.  You are welcome here.


Print and fill out the card below with your 2017 pledge amount and return to us here:

Karen C. Hansen, Treasurer
The First Congregational Church of Darien
14 Brookside Road
Darien, CT 06820

Alternatively, you may email it to church Treasurer, Karen Hansen

Download (.pdf)  2017 Pledge Card
Download (.doc) 2017 Pledge Card

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