We offer after-school Lunch Bunch programs for our 3’s, 4’s, and Pre-K children as follows:

Monday:  For 3’s, 4’s, Pre-K until 1:30pm

Free Play:  Your child will bring a lunch, eat with teachers and other children and then have relaxed playtime, inside and outside (weather permitting).

Tuesday:  For 3’s and 4’s until 2:30pm

Craft Happy:  For the child who loves doing crafts, this Lunch Bunch is right up their alley.  We host a variety of projects and each week the kids make something to bring home, including potholders, mobiles, wooden planes and boats, beading, rain-sticks, stained glass, sand art, molding clay, wind chimes, pinwheels, picture frames, sewing, masks and more.


For 3’s until 1:30pm

Fingerplays Three-year-olds love using their hands and bodies to ‘bring a story to life’.  This class incorporates beloved oldies like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” with newer finger plays such as “Monkeys & the Alligator.”

The First Congregational Church Nursery School
14 Brookside Road
Darien, CT 06820
Director: Teri Manning

For 4’s until 2:30pm

Letters & Literature: Children learn about symbols when they do and when they are involved.  Each week silly puppets will introduce a different letter through games, songs, activities and stories.  Children will practice writing the letter of the week in the air, in sand, on paper – they may even try to form the letter with their body.

For 3’s until 2:30pm

Kitchen Capers:  It’s all about the measuring, sifting, mixing, pouring, stirring in this class.  The results (quesadillas, fruit smoothies, twice-baked potatoes, colored rice) are often delicious, but not always – what’s important is the process the children go through to create.

For 4’s until 2:30pm

Numbers & Science: Each week children will investigate numbers and life sciences through hands-on activities and experiments.  They will count, measure, mix, balance objects, and test different combinations. They will discover many things to start understanding the world around them such as: Why does hair stand up in the winter?  How can an ice cube stick to a string? What is hibernation? And what do worms eat?


For 3’s, 4’s and Pre-K until 1:30pm

Pizza Friday: We celebrate the end of the week with pizza, fruit and cookies and then enjoy free play and a story.  If you’re child doesn’t eat pizza, they are free to bring their own lunch.