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The First Congregational Church of Darien is an accepting community where faith in Christ makes a difference in our lives, in our homes, and in the world.  

The time-honored truths of our Christian faith form our core convictions, but all spiritual seekers are free to find their own place within our shared life.

We welcome you wherever you are on your journey.  As a spiritual home, our hallmarks are education, fellowship and pastoral care.  Children hold a special place in our community. We embrace them with love and guidance to form them as people of faith and character.  As a United Church of Christ, we are a church of social conscience, unafraid of today’s issues and serving as a reconciler among different faiths.

We are a close spiritual family, but always glad to make room for new friends at worship.  We are eager to get the good word out about First Congregational Church, UCC, Darien.  Whether you contemplate a new church home, seek sanctuary from the noise of daily life, or look for answers to life’s most essential and difficult questions, the welcome you will find among us promises to make a real difference for you.

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Joy! A Baptism!

John Joseph "Jack" Saager, IV, son of Torey and John Saager

Sunday, July 27th

Let’s Get It On - a review of “Sex And The Spirit: The Romance of Heaven and Earth” and How To Use This Book In Church Communities, reviewed by "MCB", a parishioner at Lincoln Temple, Washington, D.C.

I would like to thank Revs. Copeland and Rosenberger for writing this book. It is hard to talk about sexual intimacy, even in a society where sex sales everything. Personally, I believe sex is even used to “sale” Christianity as the collective community pushes for good looking ministers, a macho Jesus, and single’s ministries that could be confused with Ok Cupid (an online dating service), all in the name of staying relevant. Yet, we rarely talk about sexual intimacy, unless it is at a couples retreat (if then). This book doesn’t delve deeply into why we tend to be prudes in Christian communities but gets right down to the questions that people have about living as sexual beings and disciples of Christ.

Read more here

Save the Date!

Dale and his co-author Verlee Copeland will be signing books at Barrett's Bookstore at noon on October 25th!


2014 Annual Report Part II and By-laws amendment letter 

If you had difficulty accessing the link to Dale’s new book, from the FLASH, 
you can access it HERE.

Thursday Morning Playdates at Cherry Lawn for Mothers with Young Children!

What’s better than taking your children to the park in the springtime?  Getting to do it with their friends from Church School and Nursery!  This will be a great opportunity for young moms to meet some other moms in our Church Community and chat over some coffee, all while watching your young ones have the time of their life.  Cherry Lawn Playdates will start Thursday, April 24th, at 9:30am.  Stop by and stay as long as you want.  In the event of rain, we will be meeting at FCC in the Youth Room.  A Facebook page has been created for updates and sign-ups for snacks!  Please pass along the word!  It will be a blast!  Please email Kate Nelson at for more information.  Facebook page: FCC Playdates at Cherry Lawn.

Parish Columns is going All Digital!
Since so many of the congregation is online, we are transitioning Parish Columns to an all-electronic publication.
While we recognize there are still some members of the congregation without access to email, we feel that this step needs to be taken, due to changes in postal regulations, to make our communications more flexible, and to cut unnecessary expenses.  We still plan to make paper copies of Parish Columns available at the church for those who do not have internet access and an email address.
To access the latest issue of Parish Columns, just click here.
We recognize that there are many of you out there who may or may not be receiving FLASH.  In future weeks and months we will be expanding our email list so that more of you receive our communications (while always respecting your wishes to opt out).
We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause.  If you know of a church member who does not have email and internet access, be a good Samaritan and print it out for them.  Or better yet, encourage them to come to services on Sunday to pick up a paper copy.
Warm Regards,
Communications Committee

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Two's Program 2013-2014

Photos here of the Two's program 

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