The First Congregational Church of Darien

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A community of faith since 1737


I want to repeat and extend to all of you the invitation that our Moderator Caroline Burke issued forth to our Church Council.  Perhaps you haven’t yet heard, but we have an exciting addition to this coming Sunday’s worship service–dare we say– lights, camera, action?  This Sunday CBS News will film at First Congregational.

We have been presented with a unique opportunity to be included in an upcoming documentary on CBS.   Thanks to a contact through Lora Grassilli, their religion producer has approached us looking for Millennial couples who have “come back to church” once they marry and look toward having their family.


CBS News is filming our 10:00 am service this Sunday, November 1, All Saints Sunday.  Their religion editor is doing a documentary on millennials, marriage of different faiths, and finding their way back to church.  After worship, they will interview the MacLanes, the Hayes, and me.  The program will air December 13.


I was in a study group of downtown Columbus, Ohio pastors which included the Roman Catholic bishop. After lamenting how hard it was for downtown churches to be noticed in the media compared with the suburban churches, the bishop said in a world-weary way, “Oh, I know a way to get you on the front page right away!  But I don’t think you want it.”  Point well taken.  This is not 60 Minutes poised in our parking lot because of a sorry scandal.  Something good is unfolding at First Congregational, Darien.  Not so many churches enjoy our traction with Millennials.


Do you know how in certain moments of life we are given opportunities?  And if we don’t make the most of the opportunities, we invariably regret it? This is one of those. We want to truly seize the day by getting as many of you as possible here to the 10 am worship.  We want you to invite your friends and include them. Many of our church leaders have already done so; we bid you all to do the same. Resist the usual instincts, and let’s fill the front and center pews, for good visuals.


So get an extra hour’s sleep, what with the “fall back” changes of the clock.  Put on your best smile and Sunday best.  Leave the Halloween candy at home and find your way to 14 Brookside Road.   We constantly lament how expensive it is for the church to advertise and how much we want to get out the good word on FCC, Darien. God has plopped a giant gift in our laps. Let’s have fun and enjoy it.

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