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Heather Raker, the Outreach Committee, and I want the faces of our mission partners to become part of our church community in a real and personal way. This way our outreach—helping reveal our mission as a church–goes from draining to energizing, from do-gooder moralism to God’s ongoing saga of rescuing our world, here and now. Our church is a player in this narrative and God has a role in mind for each of us to play.

Expect in the months ahead an occasional “Mission Moment” where our mission partners bring to life the important work they do. This will occur at the end of our announcements as we start worship. It will set a tone for praise and service to comingle.

This Sunday Alan Mathis, who heads Liberation Programs, will briefly address our congregation as we open both morning worships.  Alan will talk about the important work Liberation Programs does to prevent and treat individuals with substance abuse. Himself a son of a preacher, Alan will fit well in our meetinghouse, interpreting all of this.

It is easy to say that Liberation Programs caters to the poor and working poor, serving older adults, men, women, mothers (pregnant or parenting) and teens. Those official sounding words actually come from their web page. But the whole truth is Liberation Programs serves all of us. They serve sisters and brothers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors seeking healing.  For not many escape the effects of drugs and alcohol.

It has been said “an addict alone is in a very bad neighborhood.” It is true. All are meant for community. We wither as islands unto ourselves. Liberation Programs is key part of our community and we want our entire congregation to learn about their wonderful work.


Heather, the Outreach Committee, and I hope you will help us celebrate God at work in the world as we hear from our mission partners and the critical work they do for all of us.

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