The First Congregational Church of Darien

United Church of Christ

A community of faith since 1737


On this last Sunday of the year we will invite your support of our final designated wider-UCC offering, the Veterans of the Cross.  It is also called the Christmas Fund because of how it allows us to reach out in kindheartedness to pastors and other church workers who have faithfully shepherded our churches and now face unexpected financial needs.

For pastors and others who have not been compensated as I have, this Veterans of the Cross/Christmas Fund offering supplements monthly pensions, helps with health care, makes emergency grants, and allows for special Christmas gift checks to support them.

For 116 years the Christmas Fund/ Veterans of the Cross has tangibly expressed God’s love and light in the world to those who have faithfully served Christ’s church. Last year $1.5 million was raised. The goal for this year is $1.7 million to support these ministries.

Again, in our giving we remember those who have faithfully served the church for years now in their time of need. We can do no less.  On behalf of the hundreds of clergy and lay employees and their families whose lives are touched by this offering, many thanks!

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