Welcome to Theology Book Club! We are embarking on a challenging journey where we will learn about God, grapple with perennial questions regarding what has been revealed to us, and wrestle with (sometimes) conflicting portrayals. As we begin this collective effort, I just wanted to take a minute and express my excitement to be working with all of you, as well as mention some aspects of my pedagogy.

  • First, I will be treating this book club as a seminar. I will expect that you will have read each text all the way through before we meet and that you will come with questions.
  • Second, it is my role to facilitate and nurture conversations, address questions, and to do so respectfully. Please respect the time we have together and be sensitive to those around you. If your specific questions are not met during our time together, I am more than happy to meet with you individually. Conversations are not monologuing.
  • Third, these books demand deep reading; they are not to be skimmed. I have specifically chosen challenging, yet graspable books, but they are to be respected. If you read them, they will reward you.
  • Fourth, I will provide a summary, a biography of the author, and a few guiding questions for each text that we read.
  • Fifth, there will be two copies of each text in the church library. I suggest getting started sooner than later.

I am positive that you are all feeling a mix of wide-ranging emotions, be they excitement, trepidation, enthusiasm, or whatever else. Just know that we are in this together, all of us, and do not be afraid to voice questions, concerns, or areas of difficulty. Finally, please do not be intimidated by the amount of reading! If you even read 5 pages a day, you will easily tackle each text. My advice is to simply not wait until the week before we meet to do the reading!

Again, welcome!!!



Reading Schedule


All meetings will take place in the Administrative Classroom

September 22 @ 11:30am, Meeting 1

October 13 @ 11:30am, Meeting 2

November 10 @ 11:30am, Meeting 3

December 15 @ 11:30am, Meeting 4

January 12 @ 11:30am, Meeting 5

  • Life Together, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (HarperOne, New York, 1954)

February 16 @ 11:30am, Meeting 6

March 15 @ 11:30am, Meeting 7

April 19 @ 11:30am, Meeting 8

May 31 @ 11:30am, Meeting 9

  • A Primer on Postmodernism, by Stanley J. Grenz (Eerdmans, Michigan, 1996)

June 14 @ 11:30m, Meeting 10