We offer after-school Lunch Bunch programs for our 3’s, 4’s, and Pre-K children as follows:

Monday:  For 3’s, 4’s, Pre-K until 1:30pm

Spaghetti!:  Don’t pack a lunch! We’re turning the classroom into an Italian restaurant and your child will be the chef. Besides pasta, there’s garlic bread and Italian ice. Add the music and red checked tablecloths and ‘manga’!

Tuesday:  For 3’s and 4’s until 2:30pm

Craft Happy:  For the child who loves doing crafts, this Lunch Bunch is right up their alley.  We host a variety of projects and each week the kids make something to bring home, including potholders, mobiles, wooden planes and boats, beading, rain-sticks, stained glass, sand art, molding clay, wind chimes, pinwheels, picture frames, sewing, masks and more.


For 3’s until 1:30pm

Lunch and Learn:  A low key lunch bunch for 3 year olds. There will be fingerplays, puppets, games, songs, puzzles….

The First Congregational Church Nursery School
14 Brookside Road
Darien, CT 06820
Director: Teri Manning

For 4’s until 2:30pm

Letters & Literature: Children learn about symbols when they do and when they are involved.  Each week silly puppets will introduce a different letter through games, songs, activities and stories.  Children will practice writing the letter of the week in the air, in sand, on paper – they may even try to form the letter with their body.

For 3’s until 2:30pm

Kitchen Capers:  It’s all about the measuring, sifting, mixing, pouring, stirring in this class.  The results (quesadillas, fruit smoothies, twice-baked potatoes, colored rice) are often delicious, but not always – what’s important is the process the children go through to create.

For 4’s until 2:30pm

Numbers & Science: Each week children will investigate numbers and life sciences through hands-on activities and experiments.  They will count, measure, mix, balance objects, and test different combinations. They will discover many things to start understanding the world around them such as: Why does hair stand up in the winter?  How can an ice cube stick to a string? What is hibernation? And what do worms eat?


For 3’s, 4’s and Pre-K until 1:30pm

Pizza Friday: We celebrate the end of the week with pizza, fruit and cookies and then enjoy free play and a story.  If you’re child doesn’t eat pizza, they are free to bring their own lunch.