• on February 6, 2020

We Won’t Waste Your Time

During our first Annual Meeting, Pastor Dale issued a challenge to those present. He wanted us to consider why we have made FCC our spiritual home. He encouraged us to find that place inside of us that resonates with the place FCC is, the work we do, and the community we are forging. Pastor Dale dared us to share that with others and invite them to come and see what is going on here.

In ending his words, he said something along the lines of bringing them here and we will do the rest. I believe his exact words were “bring them here and we will seal the deal”. I said Amen(!) out loud because he is absolutely right. Bring them here and we will do the rest. In tandem with Pastor Dale’s challenge, I have something to say.

If you’ve ever talked to me about my philosophy of ministry at FCC, you’ve heard me say this:

“I will not waste your time”.

And by golly, I mean it. Not only for me, but for our entire FCC community. In a sense, I know that “I’m preaching to the converted,” since you are receiving these words, but if you are on the fence or want something to say to others, maybe the following will help.

I’m not going to rehearse our programs, their high quality, or the new initiatives we are starting, but you can come and experience them. You can interact with those who actively participate in them. Or we can bring them to you. I’m more than willing to meet you where you are and bring as much of FCC as I can to your doorstep.

In short: we won’t waste your time. We will provoke your curiosity. We will surround you with the love of God. We will embrace you into our community. We will. We are committed to that end.

And if you don’t view FCC as embodying these characteristics, then make the change happen. Ministers and staff can only do so much to incite curiosity, build community, and educate. The real work is done by you. That’s a large part of what makes us congregational, because the congregation is so intricately tied to the work of the Church.

You have committed to coming to FCC, you have committed to supporting FCC, and you have committed to making FCC your spiritual home.

Why spend so much time devoting our life to the community of FCC if we aren’t sharing it with others? Why invest so much of who we are in FCC if it’s not being shared with others?

If we really believe that FCC is a positive place where good things are happening, why wouldn’t we spread that message to others and invite them to join us?  We share the good books we are reading, the good tv shows we are watching, or the good music we are finding.

Share this good community. If you get them in the door, we will do the rest.

We won’t waste your time.

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