The Church Care Circle

We walk with you in times of difficulty or celebration, coming not as counselors or psychologists, but as friends and members of our extended church family.

The Care Circle Ministry augments the pastoral care of our clergy and consists of volunteers who are trained to be good listeners, to respect confidentiality, and to provide awareness of wider community resources that may be tapped into.

Anyone who wishes to receive the Care Circle’s services or who might be interested in becoming part of the group may contact the group’s Co-Chairs, Mariann Bigelow and Sally Bassler, or the Church office at 203-655-0491.

“Whoever is capable of giving of himself is rich…” Erich Fromm

“…And whoever is capable of receiving this gift is giving a greater gift in return.”      EML

Current members of the Care Circle:

Denise Terry, Senior Minister
Ben Geeding, Minister of Youth and Pastoral Care
John Bassler
Sally Bassler
Mariann Bigelow, Chair
Katherine Boulier
Chuck Boulier
Elmerina Brooks
Eliot Jacobs