• on November 14, 2019


First, this Sunday we will celebrate at worship in a different way. At 10 am we welcome Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet from Killingworth, Connecticut as they lead and embody worship in dance. Some of us were excited to see their fine work at a Come As You Are service many months ago.  They are true artists, yet firmly rooted in our Christian tradition, seeking to proclaim the Gospel.

Also, Kevin and Karen Post will bring their new son Cormac, born last March, for the sacrament of baptism.  Baptism has gotten me close to the Posts as a new member family.  Son Derek and daughter Emmy were also baptized here at FCC, Darien.  Expect much extended family up front.

You don’t want to miss out on this. Because of the nature of the space, 10 am worship will occur in our Parish Hall, allowing freer movement and a better setting for a contemporary and approach to worship. It says great things about our vitality at FCC, D welcoming such creativity.

By the way, if you prefer the traditional service, our 8:30 am service is still in the Meetinghouse.

Second, you might already know that Benjamin as a Member-in-Discernment is in an ordination track taking him back to Yale Divinity School for his Masters of Divinity degree.  He has applied for reentry and looks to take his classes in part-time as he remains our full-time Minister of Youth and Pastoral Care. We applaud and salute Benjamin for this additional training, fortifying his leadership for the years of service Ben expects to spend with us here at First Congregational.

Our Deacons are writing a letter that will petition the Fairfield-West Association Committee on Ministry to allow Benjamin to perform priestly duties such as consecrating the Lord’s Supper and baptizing children.  We’ll keep you posted on that front, as Ben deepens his base among us.

Third, Christine Geeding also will attend Yale Divinity School to study for a Masters of Divinity with an eye toward ordination.  Since beginning my work with Christine years ago, I have asked her to prayerfully ponder doing exactly that, because of her faith, because of her background in the church, and because of her obvious gifts for ministry.  Christine is hired on a part-time basis (although she has been working much more than that.)   On days when she is not in the office, she will be in New Haven.  The Deacons are writing the Fairfield-West Committee on Ministry to petition that Christine should be received as a Member-In-Discernment in an ordination track.

All of it reflects the variety and vitality of FCC as the life of our community looks to the future!

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