• on October 5, 2021

Relaxed Covid Protocols

Because of the tremendous progress we have made in reducing COVID infections in Darien and Connecticut, we are relaxing our protocols for Sunday worship.

Church Offices, Meeting Rooms And Other Facilities

(Excluding The Meetinghouse During Worship)

Regarding the church facility (excluding the Meeting House during worship service) the Stewards have decided to follow State and Local guidelines, which currently state that individuals who are vaccinated are not required to wear masks inside but that unvaccinated individuals should wear masks. In addition, everyone in the building should observe appropriate distancing at all times. This applies to church members, staff, visitors and renters. Vaccinated individuals are encouraged to wear masks if they feel more comfortable doing so and event and meeting organizers have the option of strengthening these protocols if they feel it is in the interest of the event or meeting.

Worship – 8:30am Service

In order to be as inclusive as possible for people to attend services in environments that feels most comfortable for them, the Board of Deacons has modified the mask policy for the 8:30am service so that masks are recommended but not required for those fully vaccinated. Masks continue to be required for those unvaccinated. This follows in accordance with the current state and town guidelines.

Worship – 10:00am Service

The policy for the10:00am service, which typically includes more families with children who cannot be vaccinated at this time, will continue to require masks for all people attending worship no matter their vaccination status. This policy follows in accordance with the current Board of Ed/public schools mask protocols.

Additionally, we will continue with spaced out seating at both services and the Meetinghouse will be disinfected between services.

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