• on June 25, 2020


We’ve shown strength as a united, cohesive community even through hard times when we couldn’t congregate together. Worshiping outdoors this Sunday, we will gather again. Yippee! But how we do so is all important. I share three numbers.


What is the safety factor for those wearing masks socially versus to those not?
It is a full five times safer to gather in assemblies where everyone wears a mask.

What is the safety factor worshiping outdoors as opposed to our Meetinghouse?
It is 19 times safer for us to worship in the fresh breezes as opposed to indoors.

How much more lethal is COVID for those of us over 65 versus those under 45?
The coronavirus is 58 times deadlier to elders over 65 than to our younger peers.

Our Board of Deacons has given a great deal of thought to how worship shall unfold on summer Sundays at 9 am through Labor Day weekend, starting now. While worship will be outdoors, we will continually live stream for those at home. We invite those my age and up to remain at home, but will not turn anyone away. For rain, we’ll decide Saturday night whether to cancel outdoors, and inform you.

Everyone must wear a mask. Please enter and exit in patterns our Deacon hosts will clarify. Please observe physical distancing by household whether you bring a blanket to sit upon up front or bring your own chairs to sit in a family cluster.
The Evans Center bathroom will be available, and will be cleaned after each use.

We will not have greeters before worship or Lemonade on the Lawn afterward. As eager as you are to see one another, do refrain from hugs and handshakes. Hand sanitizer stations will be apparent and do make liberal use of them. Hymn singing becomes impossible wearing our mask but, yes, do expect sacred music.

Worship will be informal, the content will be lighter, and last about 40 minutes. You are welcome to wear cool, comfortable informal clothes, shorts and jeans, khakis and blouse are fine as we expect July and August to heat up around here.

Why is the rate of COVID-19 infection plummeting faster now in Connecticut than anywhere else in the US? We have for two centuries been known as the Land of Steady Habits. At its best the moniker implies wise governance, order, stability, virtue, Congregational piety and resistance to unsafe and untested practices. Our steady habits elucidated here will allow us praise and serve as church and a contagion of God’s Spirit rather than communicating evils of disease and death.

We request your full cooperation. We expect hearts full of celebration to be back!

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