Weather the Weather
I have never been more aware of the weather and outdoor elements than I am now. This seems counter-intuitive, but when I was a child, I did not pray for ... Read more
The waves of change are already rolling. Will you join us, and jump in? 
It seems like years ago that Pastor Ben and I worked to identify potential Confirmation mentors and church school teachers for 2019-2020 and plan the calendar. This year has not ... Read more
Christmas Cold and X-Mas
It isn’t always warm for everyone around the holidays, and I’m not referring to colder temperatures. For some of us, the holidays may have an empty feeling – the departure ... Read more
Those To Whom the Kingdom Belongs
“People were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them; when the disciples saw it, they sternly ordered them not to do it. And therefore Jesus said to ... Read more
Many know by now my deep love for the holidays that occur in October, November, and December. I proudly wore my Halloween costume to church this year, and I have ... Read more
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