The confirmation process at the First Congregational Church of Darien is based on the idea that one cannot teach faith the way one teaches math, reading, or science; instead one teaches toward faith. Recognizing that people have various learning styles, we strive to use a balanced mixture of teaching methods, keeping in mind that learning occurs in multiple settings and in thousands of different ways. The confirmation program spans one calendar year, beginning in May and ending with Confirmation Sunday, usually on the last Sunday in April. Typically, students are confirmed in 8th grade, but often students from other grades participate.

To learn more about the program, contact Benjamin Geeding or the Church office (203-655-0491).

We prepare our Confirmation class for church membership and equip them for faith in rich and diverse ways — class meetings, community service projects, participation in the life of the church, mentor relationships, interfaith visits, and a culminating Faith Statement.